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October 2020, 27th Euro Birdwatch
Event highlight: the tireless, record-breaking bar-tailed godwit

Alacati wetland had the privilege to host a bar-tailed godwit (Limosa lapponica) along various other bird species during Euro Birdwatch 2020. This bird said to have the aerodynamic build of a “jet fighter”, set a new record for longest nonstop bird migration known to scientists by flying a distance of more than 12,000km (7,500 miles).

Alaçatı wetland provides an essential feeding and resting source for many migrating birds during their long lasting journey.

Studies on Alaçatı wetland water quality, September 2020

There is no life without water and no life without the wetlands natural balance in an ecosystem. Wetlands with healthy aquatic environments can provide various ecosystem service. Studies on water quality are beneficial on conservation of wetland, which enforced us to quantify and analyze the dynamics of the water quality of Alacati wetland. We’d like to thank Ege University for their valuable support during this research.

Information boards

Information boards

For the very first time ever five information boards have been put up at the entrance of the Alacati wetland area with the aim to provide and share information about wetlands, and promote a better understanding and major awareness of nature and one of the most biodiverse eco systems in the world – the wetlands, particularly the Alaçatı wetland.

The unifying power of volunteers

This initiative couldn’t have been accomplished without the support, generosity and contribution of so many volunteers involved in this project. With their help we have been able to carry our mission one step further.
Special thanks to

Çeşme Belediyesi – Alaçatı Turizm Derneği – Tantimber – Tekin Mühendislik – Gürcan Dere Design – Tolga Yurdaer Photography – Egeli

Serra Küçükoğlu – Sezai Göksu – Sema Postacıoğlu – Dominic Whiting

IWC, International Waterbird Census 2019

The IWC, International Waterbird Census is a valuable, globally extensive monitoring program operating in 143 countries, repeatedly every year in January and February to collect crucial information on numbers of water birds and their habitats. All type of wetlands are counted under the IWC, including Alaçatı wetland. The major contributors of this monitoring program are volunteers, coordinated professionally . Join us to be a part of it!

Environmental awareness activities

Waste and pollution is one of the biggest threats at wetlands, jeopardizing the health of birds and marine creatures. Nearly every seabird and fish is accidentally eating plastic, mistaking it for food!

Alaçatı wetland needs us to care!

Some people are lazy and don’t want to find the nearest trash can. Trash is just thrown away where it doesn’t belong to, although trash bins can be found in every distance. Cleaning up the site of waste has turned into our routine now, a local environmental initiative against plastic pollution.

Armed with litter bags, gloves and a strong dedication, the activity is carried out with the support of the Çeşme municipality employees, by volunteers and the powerful involvement of Alaçatı Alavya Hotel staff. You can make a difference too, by joining our actions or getting people’s attention on how important it is to keep nature trash-free.

August 29, 2019

We all join our forces for birds of Alaçatı !

All age group were welcome to the presentation of the Alaçatı wetland area to embrace the importance of it. The gathering took place on August 29, 2019 at the grounds of Alaçatı wetland with the contribution of WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature, the Çeşme municipality, the catering supplies of Alavya Hotel and the supporting warm-up act of jazz singer Su İdil. The mayor of Çeşme, Ekrem Oran, in his opening address, vowed to do everything in his power to protect the Alaçatı wetland and its natural habitat.

October 05, 2019 Euro Birdwatch, an awareness action of BirdLife International

It all began in 1993 with the contribution of more than 100 countries – Euro Birdwatch, an annual birdwatching event with the purpose to encourage people of every ages to go observe birds, witness the bird migration and enjoy the wildlife of their habitat. It is aimed to raise awareness of the need to save migratory birds, their breeding areas and stopovers on their migrating routes.
For the very first time Alaçatı was part of the 26th Euro Birdwatch held in October 2019. EuroBirdwatch 2020 will be celebrated on October 03rd. Early morning birds – you’re mostly welcome to be with us at the grounds of Alaçatı wetland !